To evaluate, design, recommend, and monitor environmental, safety and facility system solutions that can enable our clients to not only respond to challenges, but to gain competitive advantages in their industry.



CTSI is a service based organization. We listen to our clients and discuss objectives for the client’s short and long-term goals. Recommendations are made quickly, concisely, and  in the client’s best interest.



CTSI executes all projects in a professional manner, utilizing our cadre of trained professionals. Our personnel are among the best in the industry.



CTSI treats client confidentiality with paramount respect. CTSI performs all work with true objectivity and the desire to conduct all business relationships in an honest and open manner.



CTSI strives to deliver the best solution for every client, every day. We ensure the outcome with the best staff, equipment and resources in the industry.

CTSI’s market position and customer relationship are built upon our Experience, Resources and Solution Driven Approach.


CTSI integrates teams of highly experienced multidisciplinary specialists. Our team is trained to uphold the highest international standards,  and fully cognizant of the realities of a competitive business environment.



CTSI’s resources include a state of the art communications network that allows instant access to all personnel, and a library and data bank system linking our personnel to our main server.

CTSI’s division of research and product innovation has developed alliances with highly specialized institutions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of proposed solutions.

This network becomes a valuable synergistic factor, providing technical feedback unavailable to most organizations.

A Solution Driven Team

CTSI’s team is comprised of experienced professionals focused on finding the best solution for your needs.