Indoor Environmental Quality

CTSI has been deployed to manage thousands of indoor environmental quality projects for varying-sized companies. CTSI professionals can provide a full range of indoor environmental investigations and monitoring to determine adherence to established comfort and ventilation parameters and environmental quality guidelines.


Nosocomial, Symptom or Odor-Related investigations are performed to evaluate occupant complaints / symptoms for potential building or site-related sources. CTSI‘s approach considers all potential sources, including biological, chemical, ergonomic, physical and psychological factors.


Symptom-based investigations identify the potential source(s) of symptoms, which may include allergic reactions, decreased productivity, or infections. Baseline data can be gathered to document conditions prior to incidents, and/or to document satisfactory conditions.


Inspections can include building-related issues, such as HVAC function, water conservation, potential contaminant sources, and conditions conducive to the development of microbial growth.


Evaluations can include any airborne/water contaminant or parameter: Microbials, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, particulates, gases, vapors, chemical agents, etc.